Blog:Thai life style

TOURISM; the government has halved its expected number of international visitors to 3-4 million this year and slashed its tourism revenue forecast.

The indigo plant is actually a leafy green color that grows along the banks of the Songkhram River. In Thai, the plant is known as khram. This river flows through a specific area of the country. All of these small villages thrive off of this indigo dyeing process.

It's close to Songkran Day. This year we have some news that there may have a Songkran festival to stimulate the economy, but about place or date and time probably have to wait for the official announcement again. A very high spirited holiday and everyone is just out to have a great time on Songkran festival. Don’t miss. If you are in Thailand during that time, you will experience it. It’s like the one thing that brings everyone together. Prepare to get wet. Prepare to have to fun! It’s one of the greatest experiences you should have.

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