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TOURISM; the government has halved its expected number of international visitors to 3-4 million this year and slashed its tourism revenue forecast.

All Indigo Heritage products are dyed with 100% plant-based dyes, our indigo dyes are made from the Indigofera tinctoria Linn variety. This variety of indigo plant has been used for centuries in Thailand to produce a deep, rich blue color. In addition to using natural dyes Thai weavers produce a hand-loomed cotton that utilizes locally picked cotton, and is less refined (not bleached) than commercial cotton fabric produced on a large scale.

It's close to Songkran Day. This year we have some news that there may have a Songkran festival to stimulate the economy, but about place or date and time probably have to wait for the official announcement again. A very high spirited holiday and everyone is just out to have a great time on Songkran festival. Don’t miss. If you are in Thailand during that time, you will experience it. It’s like the one thing that brings everyone together. Prepare to get wet. Prepare to have to fun! It’s one of the greatest experiences you should have.

Discover the best cultural experiences and activities in Thailand. Witness traditions of years gone by and those that are still alive and flourishing today during your stay in Thailand. These are some of the traditional activities a visitor should take part in Thailand.

Twelve months into a new decade, 2020 has already been earmarked as ‘the worst’ year in the 21st century. The novel coronavirus has given rise to a global pandemic that has destabilized most institutional settings.

In Thailand, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are both public holidays and provide an opportunity for people to party at the various New Year Countdown events.

The coronavirus pandemic affects every life in Thailand, including foreigners who either live here or came to the Kingdom as visitors. All of them are now stranded far from their native home countries, as international flights continue to be banned except for a very few exceptions, while land borders across the country closed down for the first time in decades. Impact of the pandemic

Beyond pandemic. The enormous energy that has been invested in suppressing the virus needs now to be vigorously demonstrated in preventing the worst economic cases of this pandemic.

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