Difference between love culture of Thai ladies and foreign men

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Difference between love culture of Thai ladies and foreign men

It is important to note that partners are easy to search and find but quite hard to keep a successful relationship because of the different background and culture people originate from.
Many end up alienating their partners because they rushed into relationship without having enough time for courtship and knowing more about each other.

Now we will help you to know more about the love culture of Thai ladies during courting through commitment and marriage.

1. Thai ladies vs Japanese men.
In a Thai lady's dream, Japanese men are from Anime, smart, cool, good looking and gentle. These attributes make it so powerful for the lady's heart. This is a clue for the Japanese men to easily make way into a Thai lady's heart. All he has to do is start by being friends and care for her. No need to be shy as many Japanese men are fond of that but be confident in front of her and with this she will open up more to him.
During marriage, most Thai ladies prefer their men to be leader in and outside of the house apart from a few who prefer to be leaders at home.

2. Thai ladies vs Korean men
Korean ‘Oppa’ or older brother from media and TV is also a dream man for many Thai ladies. Korean men have a tendency from their culture to take care of ladies like little sisters and this is eye catching to Thai ladies and it makes them get to a comfortable zone around the man.
Korean and Thai culture have similarities and in them family is very important. Partners have to meet each other's families and know themselves better. In Korean culture, courtship is usually a year or less and then they proceed to marriage while it is important to note that Thai culture expects partners to be in courtship for 3 years then marriage.

3. Thai ladies vs Western men
Thai ladies view Western men as confident, high in stature, masculine, smart and good looking because of the different appearance from Asia men. On approaching Thai ladies, European men have to put into consideration that however easy it might appear, avoid fast body contact as it may force her to resent the whole situation. This is because in Thai culture a lady is brought up loving and protecting herself so best advice is to take time observing her and see her reaction until she feels comfortable and opens up.
Western men may not be so into gifts all the time as Thai men do so the Thai lady may want to offer a gift to her man every now and then. Just let her do that things because it’s in her culture.
Upon wedding, please ensure that you meet the lady's parents before proceeding.

These are some examples of love culture of Thai ladies that foreigners may experience, Have a good luck!

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