Handmade products in Thailand.

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Handmade products in Thailand.

Handmade product means products that are made with a unique identity by hand. It will focus on the imagination of the creator, which the product is made with two hands and may use some tools to make the product come out.

Thailand is a famous country for handmade products. The invention of products from thai skilled labor and the value of handmade products in each piece of work is not the same 100%.

Thai culture is unique, every product has its own story and value. Products can deliver the root or origin of the culture.

For example, loincloth (Pa Kow Ma), is a multi-purpose cloth that Thai people have used since ancient times. The majority of users are male. It can be used to wear, shower, wipe over the head as sunscreen protection or make a cradle. With the creativity of the Thai people, weaving, dyeing, creating the unique 'loincloth' pattern in each locality, creating a career and income for the community sustainably

Recommended handmade souvenir from Thailand

• KRABI [South of Thailand]

After a boom in coconut plantation a few decades ago, there was an enormous surplus in coconut shells after harvest time.

A group of local youth has attempted to utilize these natural materials, until receiving the government’s support to establish a coconut handicraft working group

A great variety of stuff made from coconut shells. From simple spoons, coffee mugs, necklaces, carved key chains, hairpins, to decoration pieces for your home. Their minimalist designs make them cool souvenirs.

Besides the coconut shell handicrafts, Ban Na Teen is also famed for its colorful batik garments, traditional paper and pineapple fiber which are raw materials used in various crafts.

Despite the rapid growth of tourism in Krabi, the Islamic village of Ban Na Teen has managed to preserve its traditional ways. People continue to make their living from rubber plantation and fishery.

• HILL-TRIBE ARTIFACTS [North of Thailand]

Hill-tribes, with their bright traditional costumes and heavy jewelry, are symbolic of northern Thailand. Among their artifacts, you will find pipes, knives, and basketry. Silver jewelry, however, is one of the most popular artifacts, as hill-tribes value silver as a measure of wealth.
The largest pieces of silver are used for neck rings, silver buckles, and bracelets. Nowadays, hill-tribe jewelry is mostly produced by lowland silversmiths, as the formerly important village silversmiths are long gone; and production is designed for tourists.

• WOOD, BAMBOO AND RATTAN [North and East of Thailand]

Northern Thailand, especially Chiang Mai, is famous for its wooden and bamboo crafts. The dense forests of the north are home to a huge variety of trees: including teak, bamboo, rattan, and mango; so it’s easy to understand why wood has always been a popular material for construction and furniture.
The tradition started with the arrival of Burmese woodcarvers a long time ago. Nowadays, the most popular crafts are boxes, vases, lamps, and wooden furniture, which use a great range of different woods, not only the traditional teak.
In Chiang Mai, Don Design creates beautiful wooden furniture using waste material: the skills of the artisans are incredible, and every piece is a small masterpiece.

• CERAMICS AND LACQUERWARE [Central of Thailand]

Pottery in Thailand is a form of art, thus its high quality is not a surprise. It has been heavily influenced by Chinese ceramics, while always maintaining its own particular features. Lacquerware was originally used to preserve silk, but is nowadays also considered collectable.
Both ceramics and lacquerware are the result of old traditions that still influence modern artisans. The highest quality products are handmade and hand-painted, and can be quite expensive. It is possible, however, to find good quality objects for more reasonable prices.
Pottery is created by people of Mon ethnicity, and you can watch artisans crafting their modest yet beautiful objects.

• THAI SILK AND TEXTILE [East of Thailand]

Threads produced by silk worms are of different colors and length. Numerous threads are reeled together to form a thicker thread, a process that can take up to 40 hours for ½ kilogram of silk.
Reeling machines can be used to accelerate the process. The skeins of silk are then soaked in hot water; and the silk is bleached before dying.
In the end, silk is woven on a handloom. The process is slow and takes a lot of skill, guaranteeing every piece of silk is rather unique, something industrial production couldn’t do.
Silk is commonly used for ties, dresses, skirts, cushions, and hangings. Many high-quality shops will let you choose the piece of silk you like best and tailor clothes especially for you.

Another example of Handmade Products

● Keychain: another handmade product that is popular, such as wood keychain, leather keychain or the strange-looking cloth keychain that are made with handmade keys.

● Bags (fabric, leather): since the beginning of the campaign to reduce the use of plastic bags, many people are turning to carrying fabric bags. There are many handmade bag shops and many styles to choose from, including the leather bags

● Jewelry: handmade jewelry has different and beautiful designs that are unique, especially earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings.


The price of handmade products is quite high, we will find that art such as paintings, molding, or various paintings will be more expensive than prints or casting by machines. If you are a creative person and want to try something new, handmade products are a great choice. You can earn more money and profit from your own style creation.


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