Why we travel

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Why we travel

Why we travel

What things that can be obtained from traveling ?

Escape from the chaos.
In today's fast-paced society, sometimes escaping is solution.

● Explore new experience
Something we have never encountered, and strangers we have never met encourage us to learn culture and way of life.

● Find more inspiration
When we lose energy from work or life, going out for new inspiration makes us feel more confident

● Increase happiness energy
Travelling definitely makes us happy, and fulfill energy from the places we go. When we experience various places, the way we look at life gradually changes. The more people we meet, the more we understand other people.

For me, I love traveling foreign country alone , because I can learn much from different culture & some difficult tasks during traveling make me learn more, how to fight & encountered any problems.

If you have never traveling Thailand.

Let me suggest you why traveling Thailand is one of good choices.

Why Thailand is good choice

Thailand is one of the most attractive destinations for tourism. Tourists are able to travel to Thailand for relaxing time. There are many reasons why you should come to Thailand.

● Thailand, Land of smile
Thai people always smile and kind. They help tourists whenever they get lost and need something, and welcome foreigner from all over the world.

● The cost of living is cheap
You can enjoy food, clothing and accommodation with high quality & low price.

● Integrity of nature
Thailand has rich and beautiful tourist attractions, including sea, mountains, water falls in each region have different tourist attractions.

Cultural diversity
Bangkok is a good example of diverse culture. Many foreigners from other countries come to Bangkok for learning Thai culture and enjoy living the way local people do. Also some of Thai people live with blending many cultures from western & other countries so that is parts of amazing Thailand.

Preparation before traveling (Thailand)

Although Thailand is wonderful country but there are some weak points that foreigner should know before visiting hear & you can enjoy your traveling more.

● Public transportation
Due to some public transportation systems in Thai is quite inconvenience. (Not on time, not visualization).If possible that’s good idea to have Thai friends to suggest you in each difficult task.

Of course traveling in Thailand , cost so cheap but some of importance landmarks. There are some charges for foreigners, please check details in advance to make sure your budget is enough before visiting.

I could not say all traveling place in Thai are safety . The important key point .Avoid traveling in isolated place or dark place alone.

Many Thai people can speak English.However it’s better to learn basic of Thai language before coming  because you can communicate with Thai local people well ,also may be you will meet new nice Thai friends hear.

Have a nice trip !!


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