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The coronavirus pandemic affects every life in Thailand, including foreigners who either live here or came to the Kingdom as visitors.
All of them are now stranded far from their native home countries, as international flights continue to be banned except for a very few exceptions, while land borders across the country closed down for the first time in decades.
Impact of the pandemic

However, the impact of anti-coronavirus measures was already being felt by some expats.     Mr.Jean Moby who is from Finland said he has been spending his time reading books and following the news about Covid-19. (Now worked in Thailand as expat current he have already returned to his country) He expressed concern about the government's communication with the public and its handling of visa requirements for foreigners living in the country.
"I have to submit 90-day reports and also renew my employment visa at the end of September every year, but if I go to the Immigration. I won't be able to observe one-meter social distancing," he said.
Following the coronavirus outbreak, the Immigration has recently reminded foreigners that they can notify their residence and stay over 90 days by registered mail or via online services. However, many have complained the online system is unreliable.These methods of application are also not available for long-term visa extensions.
Some foreigners have not been directly affected by the partial lockdown because they can work from home However, they think the coronavirus outbreak should be a wake-up call for people to try new ways of living

The pandemic, which has sickened more than 6.4 million people worldwide and brought global travel to a near-standstill, is adding to existing pressures that had already been chipping away at the expat lifestyle.

How Thailand government has helped foreigners combat the situation

As a large number of expats across the globe are actively pursuing healthier lives during the Covid-19 crisis, it shows that people understand the importance of achieving good health and well-being, especially during this difficult time. While most expats are leading healthier lifestyles and dietary habits.
This is why it’s essential for expats globally to have convenient access to virtual or digital health support – from digital counselling to self-help apps. Taking care of both your physical and mental health is critical which is why health and well-being support systems are so vital during these difficult times.
The Finance Ministry and health ministry maintained that Thais and foreigners, including expatriates will receive free treatment for covid19 and those who are covered by Thailand's welfare scheme, can claim medical expenses for the amount that exceeds the limit of the welfare scheme.

Thailand this month extended a grace period for visa renewals for foreigners stranded in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic until the end of October,as travel restrictions remain in place and new infections climb globally. The extension will allow foreigners to remain in Thailand until Oct 31

Thailand halted commercial flights in April and banned foreign visitors in an effort to keep the coronavirus at bay, with repatriation flights the only means of leaving the country.
After October, a new immigration regulation will allow foreigners to apply for 60-day extensions to remain in the country if they are unable to leave due to limited flights or other issues. The Thai government is expanding the groups of foreigners who can enter Thailand
It’s understood the first group to arrive will be cyclists taking part in a royal marathon cycling event, as well as badminton players coming for a world tour taking place in Thailand in January 2021. Thailand has kept the number of confirmed coronavirus cases at a low 3,545 with 59 fatalities.
The Tourism Authority of Thailand expects foreign tourist numbers to plunge to 6.7 million this year from 39.8 million in 2019 before recovering to 20.5 million next year.

Bangkok and Thailand remain one of the leading tourist destinations in the world.


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