Introduce Content Writer

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Introduce Content Writer

My name is Palm. I am content writer for Sandysujittra [タイお土産]. Currently I work as IT Operations at a Bank in Bangkok, Thailand at the same as freelance Content Writer. I have experience in Web Designing and Content writing for 4 years, Graphic Designing 5 years’ experience and Copywriting 1-year experience. I work closely with computer technology and digital line but I have a creative, design thinking and open minded. I like telling stories and thoughts through writing.

In the writings I get an opportunity to express Thai art, culture, tradition, fashion and social lifestyle for which I am very much grateful.

Here I’m declaring my heartfelt thanks to everybody available on our media platforms. We are not socially connected only, but we are family. I never expected this, yet all of you got it going. Indeed, implies a ton. 

Thanks for reading, and if you haven’t connected with us on social media yet, check us out on Facebook and Instagram pages.

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